Playing Hooky – Part I


Model: Scarlett Angelina
Make Up Artist: Patrice Arriaga
Hair Stylist: Jay Scott Jackson Jr.

It’s that time of year again. Back to school! Classes, homework, friends, extracurricular activities, heart break and love.

I had fun playing hooky on some high school grounds with Scarlett, Patrice and Jay a few weeks back. It was slightly over cast and oddly cool for being a morning in the summer. The looks were inspired by the 90’s Grunge… as grunge and school go so well together. On Scarlet: All vintage from the 90s- velvet moc turtleneck shirt, borrowed boyfriend plaid shirt, Ralph Lauren Jean Jacket, heeled platform Steve Madden loafers, and 90’s Jewelry (Necklace of course on a black cord). All topped off with this fall’s New Black and White Fair Isle Knit Hat!

More soon to come!



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